A poster is a visual medium used to communicate a key idea related to research: It presents that idea in verbal and graphic ways. Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of the talking—it should stand on its own, be self-explanatory (even as it enables conversations with viewers).

In 2017 poster authors have two format options available to them.  Hard Copy static printed poster displayed on boards.  Or PowerPoint developed ePoster slide displayed on large flat screens for 1 minute duration each rotation.  All will be displayed for the duration of the conference from midday Wednesday to Friday afternoon.

e1 EDUCATION The Nursing Emergency eXternal Trauma Programme EPOSTER Dr Sharyn Ireland, Rachel Cross, Kelly Decker, A/Prof. Biswadev Mitra
e2 EDUCATION How clean is your stethoscope? EPOSTER Sharon Klim, Brittany Scott-Rimington, Prof. Anne-Maree Kelly
e3 EDUCATION The application of high fidelity emergency nursing simulation to investigate perceptions towards simulation education and documentation practices after the transition to a digital health record system EPOSTER Rikki Stanton, Benjamin Learmont
4 EDUCATION Education overload in the ED – no way! HARD COPY AO Jodie  Burke
5 EDUCATION Building a culture of simulation in a paediatric Emergency Department HARD COPY AO Jane Cichero, Dr Nichola  Concannon, Dr Linda Durojaiye
6 EDUCATION [withdrawn] Innovations in delivery of sepsis education in Belmont Emergency Department  HARD COPY AO Marcia Ingles, Gary Crowfoot
7 EDUCATION ‘Growing our own’- educational framework to assist with the recruitment, professional development and retention of emergency nurses HARD COPY AO Danielle Waddell, Tracey Ingvorsen, Vanessa Leonard-Roberts, Elise Sutton, Elizabeth Ward, Adam Watts, Stacey Williamson
8 EDUCATION Implementation of a triage self – review package: Enabling consistency in triage practice for nurses in the Emergency Department. HARD COPY AO Stacey Williamson, Elizabeth Ward, Tracey Ingvorsen, Vanessa Leonard-Roberts, Danielle Waddell, Adam Watts
9 EDUCATION Hypocalcaemia induced tetany secondary to total thyroidectomy: An emergency nursing case study HARD COPY AO Shannon Bakon, Dr Judy Craft, A/Prof. Martin Christensen
e10 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE The effect of the introduction of the phlebotomist on mislabelled blood specimens within the Emergency Department EPOSTER Kelly Decker, Sally Charlton, Dr Joe D’Agostino, Donna Williams, A/Prof. DeVilliers Smit, Rebecca Atkins
e11 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE An ED avoidance strategy outside the walls of a busy ED; emergency health care delivery for a planned mass gathering EPOSTER Tonya Donnelly, Dr Amy Johnston, Nerolie Bost, Dr Michael Aitken, Cary Strong, Jo Timms, Kate Gilmore, Professor Julia Crilly
e12 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE The bariatric trauma patients journey – roadside to bedside EPOSTER Cherylynn Mcgurgan, Sally Campbell, Susan Harding
13 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE Developing skills and a collaborative culture in paediatric critical care HARD COPY AO Jane Cichero, Catherine  Sumsky, Kylie Furness, Lisa Sealey, Nerralie Shaw
14 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE Disposition from the ED – a qualitative analysis of how a nurse call back system can be an effective method to improve patient experience and give valuable information for improvement HARD COPY AO Vanessa Gorman, Emily Knights
15 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE The development of the Northern Health “Paediatric Resuscitation Scribing Tool” to assist with scribing during resuscitation HARD COPY AO Pamela Perera, Adele Berry
16 INNOVATIVE MODELS OF CARE Implementing best practice in the triage process within Mater Hospital Brisbane (MHB) Emergency Department (ED) HARD COPY AO Luke Burgess
e17 LEADERSHIP Back to basics EPOSTER Aileen Pooley
e18 LEADERSHIP Introducing simulation for recruitment of nurses in the Emergency Department EPOSTER Emily Cooper, Jan Gehrke
e19 LEADERSHIP Novice to expert emergency nursing EPOSTER Anna D’Ambrosi

Unravel my mind & cast me to the right direction – Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital Emergency Department Nursing Mentoring Project



Julie Finucane, Angela Devlin, Mingshuang Ding


21 LEADERSHIP “Opening Night” – the experience of creating and leading a new team, and the experience of commissioning a new Emergency Department HARD COPY AO Vanessa Gorman
22 LEADERSHIP Education at the elbow: The use of a Clinical Coach Framework in the Emergency Department HARD COPY AO Amanda Naumann, Sean Lannan, Val Mitchell
23 LEADERSHIP Nursing forum for improve staff engagement. HARD COPY AO Emily Lynch
24 LEADERSHIP The Northern Hospital Ambulance offload performance improvement – nursing led, nursing driven, nursing success HARD COPY AO Jodee Bootle
e25 RESEARCH ED nurse recognition of sepsis is critical to early administration of antibiotics in patients with sepsis to reduce mortality: A systematic review and meta-analysis EPOSTER Dr Amy Johnston, Dr Joon Park, Prof. Suhail Doi, Vicki  Sharman, Justin Clark, Jemma Robinson, Prof. Julia Crilly
e26 RESEARCH Emergency triage documentation: An examination of the content and patterns of content EPOSTER Michelle Jory, James Hughes, Rob Eley, Anthony Tuckett
27 RESEARCH From there to here and here to there. Nurses are active everywhere! HARD COPY AO Stephanie Chappel, Prof. Julie Considine, A/Prof. Brad Aisbett, Dr Nicola Ridgers
28 RESEARCH Nursing handover of vital signs at the transition of care from the emergency department to the inpatient ward: An integrative review HARD COPY AO Rachel Cross, Prof.Judy  Currey, Prof. Julie Considine
29 RESEARCH Substance misuse and the involuntarily presentation to the Emergency Department HARD COPY AO James Hughes, Maureen Sheehan, Jill Evans
30 RESEARCH Rates and features of methamphetamine-related presentations to emergency departments: An integrative literature review HARD COPY AO Rikki Jones, Prof. Kim  Usher, Dr Cindy Woods
31 RESEARCH Missed opportunities to introduce non-acute care pathways for elderly patients with palliative care needs HARD COPY AO Dr Magnolia Cardona-Morrell, Ebony Lewis, Dr Robin Turner, Dr Hatem Alkhouri, Dr Stephen Asha, Dr John Mackenzie, Dr Anna Holdgate, Dr Sam Suri, Dr Luis Winoto, Dr  Sally McCarthy, Prof. Ken Hillman
32 RESEARCH Self-rated health as a proxy for frailty in older adults at Emergency Departments HARD COPY AO Ebony Lewis, Dr Magnolia Cardona-Morrell, Dr Hatem  Alkhouri, Prof. Ken Hillman
33 RESEARCH CPE: Are you ready for the new super bug hitting your ED? HARD COPY AO Jo-Anne McShane, Dr Andrew  Maclean, Leanne  Houston, Helen Marquand, Madeleine Smith, A/Prof Mary O’Reilly
34 RESEARCH Patient medication literacy and safety in an Emergency Department HARD COPY AO Wayne Varndell, Kylie Lovato, Alison Jeffers, Nadya Marquez-Hunt, Rebecca Carroll
e35 TRANSLATION OF EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE You dirty wound!– Irrigation of contaminated wounds.  EPOSTER Rob McDonald
e36 TRANSLATION OF EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE Protocol for nurse led pathology in an urban Emergency Department- blood + protocol initiating nurses (b+pin) EPOSTER Natasha Jennings, Katie Murdoch, Dr Mike Noonan, Charlotte Stevens, Mark Marquez, Kelly Decker
e37 TRANSLATION OF EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE “I am a pathway champion” – a retrospective look at the influences of a sepsis pathway EPOSTER Dale Reading
38 TRANSLATION OF EVIDENCE INTO PRACTICE Achoo achoo: Have you got the flu? How well do triage nurses identify potential influenza patients? HARD COPY AO Jo-Anne Mcshane, Dr Andrew Maclean, Leanne Houston, Helen  Marquand, Madeleine Smith, A/Prof Mary O’Reilly