A poster is a visual medium used to communicate a key idea related to research: It presents that idea in verbal and graphic ways. Unlike an oral presentation, a poster does (most) of the talking—it should stand on its own, be self-explanatory (even as it enables conversations with viewers).

Poster authors have two format options available to them.  Hard Copy static printed poster displayed on boards.  Or PowerPoint developed ePoster slide displayed on large flat screens for 1 minute duration each rotation.  All will be displayed for the duration of the conference from midday Wednesday to Friday afternoon.

1 Innovation in clinical practice Electronic Integration of ECG into eMR HARD COPY A0 Elizabeth Ryan
2 Innovation in clinical practice iResus. Transition To Digital Documentation In Resuscitation Care. HARD COPY A0 Benjamin Horan, Hannah Putland, Emily Cooper
3 Innovation in clinical practice #Goodvibes: Improving staff moral in the Emergency Department HARD COPY A0 Andrea Lazo, Amelia Rich, Amanda Riley
4 Leadership and Management Who let the dogs in? HARD COPY A0 Elizabeth Bradbury, Susan Harding, Cherylynn McGurgan
5 Leadership and Management Who Stole The Sharps Bin?
Reducing waste from the Emergency Department: A recycling process for contaminated and non-contaminated waste.
HARD COPY A0 Cherylynn Mcgurgan, Ms Susan Harding,  Elizabeth Bradbury
6 Patient Safety Documented episodes of security presence in the clinical notes: a comparison with security records HARD COPY A0 James Hughes
7 Patient Safety Reducing medication administration errors: What’s out there for emergency department nurses? HARD COPY A0 Tracey Millichamp, Amy N.B. Johnston
8 Patient Safety Emergency department management of patients presenting with supratherapeutic inrs on warfarin: A pre and post education study. HARD COPY A0 Inaam Safatly, Hugh  Singleton, Kelly  Decker, Cristina Roman, Adam Bystrzycki,  Biswadev Mitra
9 Patient Safety Do consumers who identify as Muslim experience cultural sensitive care (CSC) in the Emergency Department (ED)? A scoping review HARD COPY A0 Amy Johnston
10 Simulation Better simulation by design: A best-practice in simulation framework for use in ED nurse education HARD COPY A0 Elicia Kunst, Amanda Henderson, Amy Johnston
11 Other A Nurse Practitioner Candidate’s Management of a Complex Forearm Wound – A Learning Experience HARD COPY A0 Catherine Roberts, Natasha  Jennings, John Thompson
12 Innovation in clinical practice Human Factor Training for high fidelity teams within the Emergency Department EPOSTER Tanya Boghikian
13 Innovation in clinical practice Results of a before and after study for a nurse led analgesia intervention in an urban emergency department – pain-protocol initiating nurses (p-pin) EPOSTER Natasha Jennings, Claire Hatherley, Rachel Cross, Grainne Lowe, Gerard O’Reilly, Dev Mitra, Paul Jennings
14 Leadership and Management A 5-year cross-specialty collaboration to reduce the pressure on hospital emergency beds in the Emergency Medicine Ward (EMW) of a regional emergency department in Hong Kong EPOSTER Edward Hong, Jeffrey Fung, SM Lam, Kat Wong
15 Leadership and Management Building an engaging team: an experience for the newly formed nursing team in Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department in Tin Shui Wai Hospital (TSWH) in Hong Kong. EPOSTER Heyman Tang, Angela Wong, Wai Ling Chan, Wan Man Lam, Chiu Ying Chan, Mei Mei Chan, Elaine Wong, Ka Po Ng
16 Leadership and Management A weekend in-service program led by clinicians in the Emergency Department EPOSTER Hui (Grace) Xu, Pauline Calleja
17 Patient Safety IV cannula use on disposition of Emergency Department patients EPOSTER Rebekah Bernoth
18 Patient Safety Occupational Violence and Aggression in the Emergency Department EPOSTER Sharon Klim, Ainslie Senz, Elisa Ilarda, Anne Maree Kelly
19 Patient Safety Escalation of care for clinical deterioration in the ED EPOSTER Vanessa Leonard-Roberts, Julie ConsidineJudy Currey
20 Patient Safety CQI program- Enhancement of patient safety by Standardization of central medication trolley in resuscitation room in the Accident and Emergency Department (AED) of Pok Oi Hospital (POH) EPOSTER Wai Yuet Leung
21 Patient Safety The use of personal, quick-reference lanyard cards to reduce transition shock in New Graduate emergency nurses. EPOSTER Sophie Williams
22 Patient Safety Medication safety program for patients with known allergy to antibiotics: use of an electronic medication prescription system in Emergency Department (ED) in Hong Kong EPOSTER Angela Wong, Larry Lee, Kin-Ming Poon, Heyman Tang, Wai-Ling Chan
23 Other Implementation of Guidelines for Sepsis Management in Emergency Departments: A systematic Review EPOSTER Yasmin Sungkar, Julie Considine, Professor Anastasia  Hutchinson