The Psychology of Influence

Peter Anthony

Influence begins with every breath you take, and every conversation you make. This is particularly crucial in emergency and critical care environments where every communication moment is crucial. Mindful communication not only gives you more influence, but increases your compassion too – not just for your patients but for yourself. You will learn from the latest research how to create more influence through more mindfulness. The key topics we will discuss in emergency nursing environments will be:

  • Mindful influence moment by moment
  • What Mindset to master to encourage two way communication
  • Keys to conversational influence



Peter Anthony is a Director at Thriive where he helps health professionals develop their influencing skills to achieve patient outcomes. He was formerly Associate Director of Executive Education at Australian Catholic University.He has a Masters in Communication and has run workshops on influence and positive coaching in 12 countries over 16 years. His book ‘Influence People’ describes a six step approach to having a collaborative conversation that leaves both people better off. Peter has developed a specialty in helping nurses achieve patient outcomes by using practical approaches from the positive psychology toolkit.
In Peter’s plenary session – The Psychology of Influence – He will highlight the latest learnings from positive psychology for emergency nurses with a focus on how to deal with stress and influence patients.