Nadine Alcorn

Nadine Alcorn RN, BN, MN, Advanced Practice Nursing (Ed), Grad Cert Simulation and Flexible Learning for Health Professionals, Grad Cert Paed ICU

Nadine is an experienced registered nurse with a background in both adult and paediatric intensive care nursing. Nadine has worked at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick for six years as a Clinical nurse Specialist and Clinical Nurse Educator in the Children’s Intensive care Unit. During this time, Nadine developed a keen interest in using simulation to promote safe and high quality care of critically ill children. Nadine’s work has continuously exceeded international standards in simulation with several advances in both neonatal and paediatric simulation. Nadine led a team in 2016 to win the National Simulation Research and Innovation Award. The focus of Nadine’s work is to foster a culture of safety and quality utilising simulation for all clinical and non-clinical paediatric health staff.

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